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Reflexology uses a range of pressure points on the feet and/or hands to stimulate different areas in the body and whole body systems. Originating in Ancient Egypt, China and India Reflexology has been widely used in the West since the 1930s.

The session incorporates a massage of the feet and legs or hands and arms depending on which is chosen by the client. The reflex zones are then focused on beginning with those relating to the head and brain area and subsequently working down the zones relating to the other parts of the body and body systems.

Although a relaxing and invigorating therapy there may be some discomfort as areas with problems are worked on, it is not unusual to be able to sleep better and feel a general increase in wellbeing following Reflexology sessions.

Reflexology works to bring the body and self back into equilibrium and is widely used to address a wide variety of issues and problems.

Reflexology £40 (£110 for 3 sessions)